Cenotes Guided Cave Diving

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Cenotes Guided Cave Diving

Mexico is home to some of the most thrilling, most exquisitely decorated and longest cave systems in the world. You will never have another experience quite like the one you will have cave diving and exploring these incredible Cenotes.

We offer full service guided cave for all level cave divers certified with recognized international cave diving organisations.  Hiring a local guide is essential to maximise your enjoyment and comfort regardless of your experience as our guides have in depth knowledge as well as exploration experience specific to the cave systems here in the Riviera Maya. Also in this way, suitable and personalised dive sites can be selected for you, appropriate to your dive objective, whether it be exploration, photography, video or purely relax!

There are many different sites to suit all desires, and your requests will be be discussed personally with your guide to take into account group size, objective and weather amongst other factors. Below, however, are a few of the best of what`s available!

Please feel free to contact us if would like further information on a specific cave or Cenote.

Guided Cave Diving
Guided Cave Diving
Deposit 20% - If specialized cave diving such as DPV or Stage is required, please let us know in advance
For those qualified, we also offer the following guided cave dives:

  • Guided DPV
  • Guided Stage
  • Guided Multi Stage
  • Guided Technical Sidemount
Here are a few of the options of caves that you may be interested in discovering, however, please note that the site choice will need to be discussed personally with the guide and is based on a variety of factors including experience, weather, profile and objective.  Please contact us for more information on a specific cave or system.

  • Blue Abyss  – Pet Cemetery
  • The Dark side of the Moon – Pet Cemetery
  • Minotauro
  • Monster Room – Chac Mol
  • Battleship Room-  Chac Mol
  • Chinese Gardens – Tajma Ha
  • River Run – Tajma Ha
  • The Pit
  • Room Of Tears – Aktun Ha
  • Temple of Doom – Calavera
  • Dos Ojos
  • El Eden
  • Grand Cenote
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