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What is the Cavern Specialty?

Can you see the light? If you dive within the light zone of a cave–the area near the cave entrance where natural light is always visible–you’re in the cavern zone.

This is a challenging and very exciting course that includes four training dives over at least two days. During your first open water dive you’ll practice line handling, reel use and emergency procedures without entering a cavern. But, for your next three dives, you’re headed into the cavern, staying within the light zone and 40 metres/130 feet total distance from the surface. You learn about

  • Cavern navigation and line protocols
  • Planning, organization, techniques, problems and hazards of cavern diving
  • Special equipment use, such as lights, guidelines, reels and redundant breathing systems
  • Air sharing, disorientation, silting, line problems and other emergency procedures specific to cavern diving
  • Silt prevention, buoyancy control, air management and emergency procedures
  • Depth and distant limits for cavern diving
PADI Cavern Specialty
PADI Cavern Specialty
Deposit is 20%
To sign up for the PADI Cavern Diver Course you must:

  • be a PADI Advanced Diver or hold qualifying certification from another organization
  • be 18 years old
During the PADI Cavern Diver Course you will be using standard recreational scuba equipment, however, here are the additional equipment items that you will require:

  • Cutting device (knife or line cutter)
  • Slate with a pencil
  • Reel and guideline (1 per team required)
  • Primary (battery powered) dive light
  • Secondary (battery powered) dive light

If you do not have any or some of the above mentioned items please let us know and we can arrange to rent them for you

The Cavern Course is conducted over a period of 2 complete days and includes 4 training dives. One of which is in Open Water and three in the Cavern environment.

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