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Playa Del Carmen Reefs

The Reefs of Playa Del Carmen are perfect for all types of divers, whether you like shallow, relaxed dives full of marine life and soft corals, lazy drift dives or are you an avid photographer and want a variety and abundance of marine life and corals? There is something for everyone here.  We have shallow finger reefs, wreck dives, night dives and wall dives too.

The dive sites are easily accessible within 5-20mins boat ride away and entry on to the boat is from Playa`s fabulous beach right in the heart of downtown. We offer 4 dives daily offering times appropriate for early risers or party animals!

Seasonally we also offer nature at its BEST – From November to  February join us for an epic dive with our visiting Bull Sharks! and for a once in a life time BLOW YOUR MIND experience, from May to September swim with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays!

It really doesn´t get much better than this! or does it…………….read on to find out about the beautiful island of Cozumel!

Cozumel Marine Park

Cozumel Marine Park is part of the Meso-American Barrier Reef system and has been rated one of the worlds top dive locations. As one of Jacques Costeau`s famous underwater discoveries its not hard to see why so many divers dream of diving here. The Marine Park is home to 26 different type of corals with 100 sub-species and more than 500 fish species live in the park including the endemic ´Splendid Toad Fish´

Cozumel has a wide variety of dive sites from shallow dives featuring abundant corals to exciting wall dives, Best of all are the crystal clear waters and exhilarating drift that will take you for hours all the never ending stretches of reef.

Playa - 2 Tank Reef Dive
Playa - 2 Tank Reef Dive
We have two schedule options for Playa Reef dives:

8.00am Meeting Time followed by a 2 tank dive with an onboard surface interval

11.30pm Meeting Time followed by a 2 tank dive with an onboard surface interval

On the boat we do provide you with water and so therefore we ask you to take as little as possible with you. The lighter the better!

As we have a wide selection of reefs to choose from, depending on your experience and desires we will organise the dive day to best suit the type of dive that you would like to do and are comfortable with.

If we know ahead of time that you would like to do something in particular then we will do our very busy to organise that for you! Please contact us via email for further information or special requests:

2 Tank Dive: $69

Night Dive: $65

Equipment Rental per item: $5

Full Equipment Rental: $15

Should you wish to do more than just a day´s diving then we have a package for you! Create your own or select one of ours:

Playa Adventure: 3 days/6 dives: $189

Top Discover: 3 days/6 dives: $269 (Playa, Cozumel and Cenotes)

Top Shark: 3 days/7 dives: $354 (Playa, Cozumel, Cenotes and Bull Shark dive)

*Equipment rental per item $5             Full equipment rental $15

Please see our Guided Cavern Diving page for more information on the incredible freshwater caverns the ´Cenotes´

Feel free to contact us with special requests to mix and match dive days and locations and we will happily make a package for you with a great discount of course! Please email us at

Cozmel Marine Park is an excursion over to the island departing in the morning to make the most of your day. You will be taking the public ferry across from Playa Del Carmen arriving on the beautiful island after a 45minute ferry ride. Our guides will greet you at the pier and welcome you onboard the boat ready to start a gentle ride to the dive centre. Here you will pick up the equipment you have requested for the trip and make your way into the Marine Park.

The day consists of 2 dives on two different reefs and includes an onboard surface interval with fruit and snacks. After you dive the crew will take you to the dive centre by boat for a delicious hot lunch! You will then be taken back to the main ferry pier where you can choose to head on home or stay a little longer in Cozumel and discover the Plaza or the local bars and shops! Take the ferry back to Playa whenever you choose!

2 Tank Dive Excursion: $110

*Ferry ticket is not included in the price and must be purchased separately at the ferry terminal (US$26 return)

Equipment Rental per item: $5

Full Equipment Rental: $15

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